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In 2012 I was given the opportunity to rent a large studio space in San Pedro, California, a town with a rough and tumble independence that’s always appealed to me. Pedro’s music scene is legendary, and the town is right on the ocean, so I jumped at the chance and made the move.


Shortly after settling in I realized I had more space than I required, and that I needed to get to know my new community. Pedro is an old town with a rich history, but I quickly discovered that there was little in the way of a cultural center devoted to that history. I decided to transform half of my studio into a project space devoted to the arts, both past and present, of the harbor region.


I named the space Cornelius Projects in honor of my father, and went public in May of 2013 with an exhibition of work by Craig Ibarra. Over the past seven years Cornelius Projects has hosted musical performances, exhibitions, poetry readings, fund raisers, video screenings, guest curators, and artists talks. It is a unique and highly flexible space, and looking forward, I plan to expand its range even further. Cornelius Projects will reopen this fall with a memorial  exhibition of San Pedro and San Miguel de Allende painter Lida Lowrey followed by a retrospective exhibition of San Francisco correspondence artist David Hunter in the new year. Additional exhibitions and events will be scheduled as needed.

Below are Cornelius Projects exhibitions and events that took place during the span of 2012–2017. Exhibitions and events continue to take place and can be found here at I consider Cornelius Projects as part of my art practice.

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